Hello, vous parlez français ?

I am Sébastien Saunier, and I can help you start your business, build your product, get your first customers and grow a technical team. As a non-technical founder, you struggle with translating your vision into working software. I can be your interim CTO.

On the product side, I will work with you using Lean Startup methodologies to reach the product/market fit. On the engineering side, I will layout the system architecture and get you on the right track with appropriate technology choices.

Depending on where you are, I can implement agile (Scrum) and best practices (TDD, Continous Integration) in your existing team or contractors. This is very important especially if you are feeling lost, not knowing who's doing what, and when features will be released.

My tool belt: Ruby on Rails, GitHub, a Macbook Pro, Sublime and a lot of command line.

Interested? Here's my resume, and contact me.