I graduated in 2008 from Polytechnique and joined Google as a software engineer intern. I came back to Paris in 2009 and worked 3 years as a software engineer for VirtuOz on the SaaS tool suite. In 2012, I joined Applidget as the lead developer of MobiCheckin, an award-winning SaaS solution for professional event organizer. Since 2007, I have technically bootstraped Sogedis and grow it to a 3M€ business. Since 2014, I am CTO of Le Wagon, a French 9 week-long bootcamp where we teach ruby on rails programming to entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the products I worked on. In need of a web software engineer with an eye for design and a dedication to great UX? Ping me and let's build awesome and useful stuff!

Le Wagon On Demand Screenshot

Le Wagon On Demand

Coding lectures for Entrepreneurs (French)

My role: Lead Developer

As the CTO of Le Wagon, my team and I implemented the latest platform of Le Wagon. We put together a simple rails app, using Vimeo as a video hosting provider. Payment is handled by Stripe, AARRR metrics tracked with Mixpanel and Intercom.

Technologies: Rails 4, Stripe, Mixpanel & Intercom, PostgreSQL, Heroku

Weroom Screenshot


Roommates Social Network

My role: Technical Coach / Product Owner

I worked 9 weeks with the Weroom team in early 2014. My mission was to write a technical roadmap, implement an agile & continuous deployment process and ramp up the design team. I worked closely with two of the designers who managed to become front-end developer (from Illustrator to Sublime + Terminal), which is IMHO the best way to grow your technical team.

Technologies: Rails 4, PostgreSQL, Foundation 5, Heroku

Kitt - Le Wagon Screenshot

Kitt - Le Wagon

Pedagogic Platform for Dev Bootcamp

My role: Freelance Web Engineer

Le Wagon is a startup school hosting a 9 week-long bootcamp for entrepreneurs where they learn Ruby, OOP, HTML, CSS, JS & jQuery, database modeling and Ruby on Rails. I built a platform for these students, where they can read the exercises, see if their solution is correct and how their classmates are doing. I wrote an article on how we use git and GitHub if you want details.

Technologies: Rails 4, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap 3, Heroku, GitHub webhooks

MobiCheckin Screenshot


SaaS application for event organiser

My role: Full-stack / Lead developer

Built from day one with a strong API, dogfooded by the guest list iOS application. Well integrated with other SaaS platforms such as Wufoo (Forms), Zoho (Invoicing), Mandrill (SMTP), Highrise (CRM), Esendex (SMS) and AWS S3 (File storage).

Technologies: Rails 3.2, RSpec, MongoDB (Mongoid 2), Resque, Bootstrap 2, NodeJS

Shopboard (Shopify app) Screenshot

Shopboard (Shopify app)

Turn your prospects into customer!

My role: Solo Founder (side-project)

Shopboard is a simple yet powerful application which unveils your web traffic in real time. With it you get to see who is browsing a Shopify shop right now. I rencently open sourced the tracker module, a NodeJS process receiving all incoming calls from Javascript Shopboard tracking code. Will be releasing the client-side javascript tracking code soon.

Technologies: Rails 3.2, MongoDB, Redis, NodeJS

Sogedis Ecommerce Screenshot

Sogedis Ecommerce

Household appliances spare parts store

My role: Freelance Web Engineer

Released in 2007, this website built from scratch has been growing ever since to reach more than 250k€ in monthly revenues. I setup the Customer Service processes and tools (Zendesk), and am still in charge of the third party application management (code recently migrated to PHP 5.4). I wrote a simple git deployment to replicate Heroku behavior!

Technologies: PHP 5.4, MySQL, Paypal IPN & Mercanet

Livestats Screenshot


Open source website activity tracker

My role: Developer and maintainer

I wanted to build and share basic features of realtime tracking services. I started this project after using GoSquared and Chartbeat. These are really cool web applications which let you dive in the details of who's doing what right now.

Technologies: JavaScript, PHP

Sogedis Intranet Screenshot

Sogedis Intranet

Tailored ERP web application

My role: Freelance Web & Software Engineer

The database referencing all household appliances for which Sogedis sells spare parts was a big Excel file. I had to develop an internal web application to replace this non-scaling system, and plug it into Divalto and the ecommerce website.

Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, MySQL, Windows Service

Nina - Voice of the Customer Screenshot

Nina - Voice of the Customer

Semantic Dashboard for Virtual Assistant

My role: Software engineer, technical owner

During my time at VirtuOz (acquired by Nuance), I worked with our data scientist to exctract cluster of sentences from our Virtual Assistant chat logs. Then we built a dashboard which provides real-time insight into the voice of the customer to determine which customer requests are most topical and which are rising or falling in frequency.

Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, MySQL, JQuery

Lock your Screen Screenshot

Lock your Screen

Prank your coworkers!

My role: one-hour hack

Security at work is important. So when someone leaves his desk without locking his screen, you can put his browser on this page (and then lock the screen yourself). You can also play a prank with a custom CSS file and -webkit-transform: rotate(180deg), your choice!

Technologies: HTML

Interested? Here's my Github and resume, let's get in touch.