Le Wagon - CTO

Tuesday 29 July 2014

I am proud to announce that I joined Le Wagon as the CTO. Le Wagon is the French innovative coding school for entrepreneurs, theaching people who have had zero programming education how to build a web application using Ruby on Rails. This happens in Paris and Bruxelles, and I have been a mentor and a teacher there since February.

My role at Le Wagon is now to make sure we deliver the best education possible to our students. I also design and implement the pedagogic platform supporting our teaching effort, making an heavy use of GitHub and their API / Webhooks (see this article).

With two successful batches and one on the way this summer, we are very proud of our alumni and the projects bootstraped at Le Wagon. We believe coding is a critical skill to have in this 21th century. So don’t waste any more time, get on board!

Would you like to learn programming? I am CTO of Le Wagon, a 9-week full-stack web development bootcamp for entrepreneurs, and would be happy to have you on board!

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