I graduated in 2008 from Polytechnique and joined Google as a software engineer intern. I came back to Paris in 2009 and worked 3 years as a software engineer for VirtuOz on the SaaS tool suite. In 2012, I joined Applidget as the lead developer of MobiCheckin, an award-winning SaaS solution for professional event organizer. Since 2007, I have technically bootstraped Sogedis and grow it to a 3M€ business. Since 2014, I am CTO of Le Wagon, a French 9 week-long bootcamp where we teach ruby on rails programming to entrepreneurs.

Here is all the code I share on GitHub. It's mainly side projects or examples for Le Wagon students, hope you enjoy browsing it!



My dotfiles for my Macbook Pro Retina.


GitHub Webhooks gem

This gem will help you to quickly setup a route in your Rails application which listens for incoming GitHub webhooks


Markdown cache gem

Markdown (GFM) view helper with redis-backed cache


Round Robin Tournament gem

This little ruby gem implements the Round Robin Tournament scheduling. It is useful when you want a competition "in which each contestant meets all other contestants in turn", or if you have a classroom of students and want them to work in pairs, but with a different partner every day.


Wagon Rails gem

This is a fork of the suspenders gem, and gives Le Wagon fullstack bootcamp's students to quickly generate a rails app using the best practices they learnt. No time lost on boilerplate configuration, more time spent on coding!


Trello Webhooks gem

This gem will help you to quickly setup a route in your Rails application which listens for incoming Trello webhooks



I built Headsha.re to help people drive traffic to their website through the links they share on social networks. It has been acquired by Snip.ly in June 2014.


Ogone gem

This gem helps you to quickly get a form that can be submitted and redirect your users to the ogone ecommerce form where they can pay. This gem is flexible as it does not rely on a hard-coded configuration to be used. Therefore you can dynamically handle several PSPIDs


Got Fixed gem

Ruby gem I put together in Fall 2013 when I was interviewing for a job at Sqwiggle. This gem provides an engine to help communicate to your users when issues they report get fixed, given that your issue tracker is private. It extend your web application with a public dashboard of your issue tracker.


Examiner gem

Grade a student's exercise solution, assuming the exercise uses minitest to be checked and there is a Rakefile in the folder.


Colissimo gem

Ruby gem to retrieve Colissimo shipping status for a parcel (image only)


Track Outbound links

Track outbound links clicked in Google Analytics as events


Rspec lab

A boilerplate project to quickly test an algorithm, for instance during a phone interview, this project is a great place to start.



This is an exercise we give to students of Le Wagon - Premiere Classe, a 9 week-long bootcamp for entrepreneurs.


Secret Santa

A quick & dirty secret-santa with constraints (couples, do not gift the one you gifted last year, etc.)



Visual color timer implements the Pomodoro Technique in which you work by batches of 25 minutes and rest for 5 minutes.


Redis Monitor

a small web application to monitor your redis server. It plots the number of commands per seconds and the memory usage.

Interested? Here's my Github and resume, let's get in touch.